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May 10, 2014
"X-rays make me gag and they are very uncomfortable." Not anymore.

Howdy Gang,

Last month we purchased a new x-ray imaging system that will now allow us to take all kinds of x-rays and not have to put the x-ray sensor (or film before the days of digital x-rays) in your mouth. Gone are the days of struggling to take an x-ray on a patient with a big gag reflex. Gone are the days of having the sharp edges of an x-ray dig into the roof or floor of the patients mouth. Gone are the days of worrying about excess radiation exposure. 

Like the panoramic x-rays that some of us remember our orthodontist taking when we were young(er), our new Pro-Max machine is a stand up imager that rotates around your head to take the picture. The x-ray "film" is outside of your mouth so these x-rays are very comfortable and very easy to use on patients of all ages. Keeping the small x-ray tab out of your mouth means that patients that tend to gag will now have a much more pleasant experience having x-rays taken. Patients that have a small mouth or very sensitive tissues will also like not having the x-rays pushing on those sensitive spots. And one of the best reasons that we love our Pro-Max is that the radiation levels that our patients are exposed to are extremely low. By comparison, you get 8 times as much radiation taking a flight from New York To LA, 16 times as much radiation smoking 1 and a half packs of cigarettes, 20 times as much radiation taking one chest x-ray, 60 times as much radiation taking a mammogram, and 2800 times as much radiation from an abdominal CT scan than you do from our new machine.

Lastly, the images that we do get are very high in diagnostic quality. We are now able to view problems that we might have previously missed. We have always had a philosophy of early detection and early treatment and this machine allows us to do just that. I have had several patients ask if they could update their current x-rays using the Pro-Max to be sure that everything is ok. Unfortunately, most insurance companies have limits on how often certain x-rays can be taken and still be covered under the patients plan. Our offer.... if you would like us to take a Pro-Max image of your mouth but your insurance won't cover it due to a frequency limitation, we will take a new x-ray for only $40 (normal fee is $100). Please let us know if you would like to take us up on our offer. Just mention our Pro-Max blog deal and we'll take care of you.

 Hope everything is going well for all of you faithful dental bloggers our there. See you soon!

Posted by FVDC Office on May 10, 2014 at 10:33 AM

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