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August 29, 2015
We will miss you Dr. Cathy...

Howdy everyone! It is with a heavy heart that we are saying goodbye to Dr. Cathy this week after she has served our wonderful patients for these last several years. Dr. Cathy has decided to establish herself closer to home in anticipation of starting a family. Easily one of the best dentists I have ever worked with, we wish her well.

 Who will be taking her place you ask? Good question. Dr. Qadri will remain working at FVDC on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturdays as she has for the past two years and we have added appointment times on Thursday and Friday until we can find a suitable replacement for Dr. Cathy. But we don't want to just hire anyone and with associate dentists difficult to come by, I'll need to remind myself to wait patiently on the Lord. When the perfect dentist comes along, we'll know it. 

Its interesting when you wonder why it is difficult to find a new dentist. Years ago, there were three dental schools in Chicago alone, each graduating 125-150 students year after year. In the early 90's, two of them closed and the University of Illinois College of Dentistry reduced their enrollment to under 100. Why? Looking at our brothers and sisters in the legal profession, we saw an over abundance of attorneys... so much so that many new graduates were working crazy long hours for little pay because if they didn't, someone else would. In an effort to avoid saturating then devaluing the dental professional marketplace, enrollment was cut way back. But now, years later, we have been seeing that there are many older practices who's senior dentist is ready to retire, but no one there to make a purchase. It will help that Midwestern Dental School is now graduating young dentists, but again, finding a replacement for Dr. Cathy may take some time. Say a prayer for us, that we will be blessed with a great new dentist.

 That's all for now. Be back soon.....

Posted by FVDC Office on August 29, 2015 at 12:54 PM

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