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December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone! Its the Monday after Christmas, and having some time to reflect on the Holidays, my dear brother reminded me of a great story that pretty much sums up what Christmas is about:

     "A wealthy man and his only son traveled the world together collecting priceless paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, and many other master artists. Tragically, the son died at war during a rescue mission. Distraught and lonely, the old man dreaded the upcoming Christmas day.
    Christmas morning, a young soldier knocked on his door and said, "I'm a friend of your son. I am one of the men he rescued." Then, the soldier presented a picture he had painted of the son. Though the picture lacked genius, the brokenhearted father saw the features of his precious son and immediately valued this painting above all the masterpieces in his home. Every day, the father gazed at the portrait and told his housekeeper of his great love for it.
     When the father died, the art world buzzed with excitement over the sale of his extraordinary art collection. The first item offered was the painting of the son, but no one in the self-important crowd would bid on the amateur portrait. The auctioneer insisted that the terms of the will required the portrait must be sold before any other paintings could be offered. Finally, the housekeeper, tears streaming down her cheeks, said to the auctioneer, "May I pay ten dollars for it? That is all the money I have. I knew the son, and I know how much the father treasured his portrait." The auctioneer said, "The bid is ten dollars. Going once, going twice, gone," and the gavel fell. The auctioneer then announced that the auction was over. "What do you mean?" said the stunned audience. "There must be hundreds of millions of dollars of art here." The auctioneer replied, "It is very simple. According to the will of the father, whoever takes the son gets it all."

God's message to you is simple: "Whoever accepts My Son, gets it all -- all My mercy, grace, forgiveness, and eternal love." Do you know the Savior, and have you made Him Lord over every area of your life? No greater gift has ever been given than the one God gives to us through faith in His Son."

 Have a great New Year! Blessings!



Posted by FVDC Office on December 28, 2015 at 7:05 PM

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